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9 months ago

124 words

Jan. CryingChristmas rolls remind of TitaPedro pops Q and accepts Rosaura on Tita’s cold night.   Feb. Tita’s tears ruin wedding vomit everywhere secret whispers bring hope to TitaNacha dies of saddness. Mar. Roses become aphrodisiac heatedGertrudis experiences sexual fantasy becomes realityescapes on horsegets disowned. Apr. A spark reignites a miraculous birthTita’s milkRosaura’s hurt motherhood bringing…

Essay II (draft due 11/18)

9 months ago

848 words

“Human beings participate in history both as actors and as narrators. The inherent ambivalence of the word ‘history’ in many modern languages, including English, suggests this dual participation. In vernacular use, history means both the facts of the matter and a narrative of this facts, both ‘what happened’ and ‘that which is said to have…

[Resource]: “If you close the border, Eagle Pass will die.” (news)

9 months ago

75 words

‘If you close the border, Eagle Pass will die.’ Residents fear a Trump border closure would be destructive to South Texas towns – Recent article from the Washington Post about the the cross-border connections between Piedras Negras, Mexico and Eagle Pass, TX, especially as President Trump threatens to close down the U.S./Mexico border. Dr. Brown lives in…

[Resource]: Photos from the Mexican Revolution

9 months ago

813 words

In the late 19th century photography became a popular medium and so 20th century wars are well documented. This collection is from the Yale University Library. You can see 300+ images with the link below, but I’ve also highlighted a few images that are especially resonant with the novel Like Water for Chocolate. Some of these…

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